Gaming with Mathematics

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About this series

The series Gaming with Mathematics is a carefully graded and sequenced series of ten books, meant for Lower KG and Upper KG to Class 8. The series is in accordance with the National Curricular Framework developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). While these books basically cover the syllabi prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the requirements of the ICSE and state education boards have also been constantly kept in view while developing these books.

An important feature of these books is that the subject is presented in a challenging manner, with the requirements of the modern pedagogy in view.

  • The presentation is easy to imbibe;
  • The subject matter is carefully structured from the first to the last book in the series;
  • The themes are related to the immediate environment of the child, which is the very first need of any learning;
  • Best possible attempts have been made to clarify the fundamentals;
  • These books first provide solved examples for the sake of learning and then present enough to-do questions to strengthen the learning;

In LKG, UKG and other Primary classes, there has been more emphasis on drilling than on abstract concepts which are more suitable for grown-up children; and last but not the least, in the post-KG classes, there are enough Revision Exercises at regular intervals to refresh the things learnt, before a child moves to the next unit/stage.

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Key Features (Across the series)
  • Each chapter begins with a quick Recall of the previously learnt concepts
  • Did You Know provides additional information related to the concept being taught
  • Challenge contains questions to enhance thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Mental Maths include questions to check the understanding of the concepts
  • In-text Exercises contains questions for practice after every section
  • Remember lists-out the important points for a concept
  • Time to Prove Myself includes a variety of questions for thorough practice after every 3-4 chapters
  • Values of Life contains questions to inculcate moral values
  • Quick Calculations provides time-saving shortcuts to solve a problem
  • Projects includes tasks/activities for concept clarity

FOR TEACHERS – Resource Book

This series is complemented with an EXTENDED RESOURCE book for teachers which includes the course overview, which states the purpose of the course, detailed lesson plans, the learning objectives, the methods and materials used, the course length and time guideline, and the evaluation plan. There are Assessments plans included to check the understanding of the children’s knowledge.

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FOR STUDENTS – Let’s Know Kit (Booklet)
The series consists of a “Let’s Know Kit” that conveys vital and interesting information about the prestigious awards given in the field of Mathematics and their winners, greatest ever mathematicians including female mathematicians and Indian mathematicians in particular, a brief introduction of Vedic Mathematics- its formulae and links of videos to learn the shortcut tricks online.
About the Author
Mathews K. Thomas is an experienced Educator, co-ordinator and teacher at one of the most reputed schools in New Delhi for the past 23 years. He is a Subject expert and moderator at CBSE as well as an Educational Consultant for various news channels. A Master trainer at NCERT, he has conducted many workshops on the Mathematics subject and how to teach it in various schools. He has achieved a Master’s degree in Education and Philosophy.

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