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  • NET SET GO Computer Series - All Parts

    NET SET GO Computer Series - All Parts (1)

  • NET SET GO Computer Science Series

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    About this series

    The series NET SET GO! Computers Science is a painstakingly-curated curriculum on Computers Science for schools meant for Grades 1 to 8. The series have been developed keeping the following in mind:

    • By the end of Class VIII, students should be fully prepared to take up Computer Applications or Information Technology Courses prescribed by CBSE.
    • Focus has been made upon all rounded development such as using apps, installing apps, imbibing skills, developing cyber ethics, creating different end products such as programs, movies, audios, spreadsheets, presentations and other documents.
    • Interesting facts serve as knowledge booster.
    • Exercises have been formulated to recap what has been taught and also to explore and imbibe more skills.



    Important features of the book include:

    • Target Point: Lesson Objective
    • Book up: Warm Up Activity of the chapter
    • Fast Fact: Interesting Facts
    • Jump the Obstacle: In-text section assessments
    • Quick Round: Summary of the chapter
    • Work out: Exercises
    • Lab Activities in each chapter
    • Project Work
    • Worksheets
    • Cyber Olympiad Paper
    • Test Papers


    For Teachers:

    • Worksheets
    • Test Papers
    • Answer Keys
    • Lesson Plans
    • Web Resources
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